Outline Kawazoe Machine Works

Message from Our President

Kawazoe Machine Works has been making metals working equipment since 1929.
Through technology passed down over 80 years, we are proud of the top positioning Japanese market we have achieved in our specialties: straightening and drawing machines, and copper refining handling equipment.
We completed construction of new head factory in 2009. All of our processes have been subject to focusing and refinement, with significant improvements in efficiency.
Targeting a position as a leading small enterprise, we will continue to provide higher levels of service and product to our customers.

President  Kazunori Hirai

Management Philosophy & Policies

[Management Philosophy]
As an engineering firm with an in-house manufacturing division, KAWAZOE's goal is to be a leading small company, providing customers with complete satisfaction through world-class products and services.

[Management Policies]
1.Always put the customer first
We will always think and act with the customer's benefit in mind.
2.Produce the best products
We will constantly improve our technology to produce superior products that meet the needs of the times.
3.Create an ideal workplace
We will create a workplace filled with vitality, where people gain pleasure and satisfaction from their work.
4.Achieve a fulfilling life
We will make our lives fuller and more rewarding by seeking self-improvement through our work.
5.Realize hopes and dreams
We will create a company where these hopes and dreams can be achieved.

Company Outline

Company name Kawazoe Machine Works, Ltd.
Head office & factory 8-33, 2-chome, Nagasu-hondori,Amagasaki, Hyogo Pref., Japan
TEL: 81-6-6488-1231
FAX: 81-6-6488-1296
E-mail: info@kawazoe-machine.co.jp
URL: http://www.kawazoe-machine.co.jp
Establishment Oct. 1, 1929
Paid-up capital \45,000,000
Representative Kazunori Hirai, president
Banks The Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ, LTD.
Amagasaki Shinkin Bank
Factory Scale 3,050m2 in Site Area
3,740m2 in Floor Area
Employees : 75
Affiliated Association The Amagasaki Chambar of Commerce and lndustry
Amagasaki Employers' Association
Amagasaki Industrial Association

History of Company

1929 Kawazoe MachineWorks,Ltd. is organized with a capital of 5 million yen.
1936 Factory moved to Amagasaki(present site).
1961 Company incorporated by Michihiko Kawazoe as president.
1966 Capital is increased to 20 million yen.
1973 Business agreement established with Mitsubishi Metal Corporation. (Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.)
1982 License agreement established with TH. Kieserling & Albrecht GmbH & Co., F.R. Germany.
1996 Mr. Kazuhiko Kato was appointed as president.
1996 Business agreement with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation cancelled by mutual agreement to facilitate improved future business performance.
2003 Technical cooperation for Continuous Drawing Machine of SMS Schumag. Germany with S & S Japan.
2004 Mr. kazunori Hirai was appointed as president.
2009 Completed new factory.
80 years anniversary of the establishment.
2010 Obtain ISO 9001 Certification.
Capital is increased to 45 million yen.

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